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GLocal Mind is a multi-mode healthcare data collection company supporting clients with their global quantitative and qualitative healthcare market research needs. We have an in-house panel of 900,000+ healthcare and allied healthcare professionals in 70+ countries across LatAm, US, Canada, EU5, APAC and Middle East.

Our goal is to be a trusted and reliable partner for your global healthcare knowledge services needs.


  • 18 Nov

    GLocal Mind Inc. has set up a 30 seater call center in a Bhadravathi, a small town in the state of Karnataka, India. The call center will enable GLocalMind to quickly and efficiently support target list studies for its market research clients.

    GLocal Mind’s Managing Partner Sandeep Sankhla says “ Multiple clients approach us for target list studies in US, Canada, UK and this got us thinking about the best way to meet their needs. The Bhadravati call center enables us to provide our clients with dedicated teams that work on calling target lists. The reason for choosing Bhadravathi was the availability of qualified, English speaking staff and lower cost of operations as compared to other metropolitan cities in India. It has an literacy rate of 74% higher than the national average of 59.5%.”

    The call center is equipped with 50 CATI stations with an in-house server and VOIP connections. The auto dialer is capable of multi-tasking to make the most of the callers time. Future plans include moving to a nearby SEZ unit as the team continues to grows.

    About GLocalMind

    GLocalMind Inc. is a multi-mode, global healthcare data collection company. With a high quality physician and allied healthcare professionals panel and a good understanding of local markets, GLocalMind supports the market research industry’s qualitative and quantitative research needs. The 900,000+ panelists are carefully recruited using double opt-in, permission based techniques, providing clients a high quality and diverse global panel.

    GLocal Mind’s quantitative services range across programming, hosting & translation, data collection, data processing, custom charting and incentive handling across 70+ countries including key markets in US, Canada, EU5, APAC and Latin America. Qualitative services include recruitment, scheduling, moderation, interviewing, translation, report writing and content analysis.

    To learn more visit www.glocalmind.com

  • 01 May

    GLocal Mind now strengthens its delivery model for APAC & Middle East. Having established its brand in US, EU5, Canada. GLocal Mind now provides access to physicians & allied healthcare professionals in Asia Pacific & Middle East countries.

  • 22 Apr

    GLocal Mind is pleased to announce that we will be attending the PBIRG conference on 18th May 2013. We look forward to meeting you. Please note our Booth number 61.

  • 21 Apr

    With state of the art one way mirror facility at its Bangalore office, GLocal Mind now provides best in class qualitative research services. Equipped with live video streaming GLocal Mind enables clients to view the focus group from any part of the world. 21 Apr

Physician Connect

GLocal Mind invites all healthcare professionals to join our community of ever-growing experts. This enables you to participate in paid online surveys hosted by Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies. We reward our members with competitive honorariums, ensuring that they are received on time and through their preferred mode of payment – cheque, prepaid cards, Amazon gift cards or donations. We ensure complete protection of our members’ identity.

Visit us at www.physiciangroup.org to learn more about our online panel and how to register.

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