GLocal Mind Introduces Its Proprietary Panel and Process Management Software.

September 21 2015

Multi-mode healthcare data collection company GLocal Mind Inc. has developed panel and process management software, to help clients and in-house teams automate a number of business areas. 

Towards its commitment to building a secure, scalable and easy to use ERP, GLocal Mind has developed an in-house, end-to-end panel and process management software, increasing the efficiency and ease of use for both clients and in-house teams. The tool ensures minimal scope of human error and helps maintain the quality standard set for the company with their ISO certifications. 

This is a Java and my sql based software which has automated the following business processes - feasibility check, quote creation, panel management, survey programming, project management, sampling, call center access, mobile application, incentive management and reporting. 

“This development of our in-house technology means that our clients can choose to check feasibility, perform list matches and create quotes on there own. And for clients who want to create survey and choose sample, they can take access to our self service tool” said Sandeep Sankhla, Managing Partner, GLocal Mind. “What this means for our panelists is that, they now can get survey notifications on their mobile apps, update their information, choose their preferred incentive from the tool, view history of their activity around surveys participated, incentive status.” 

This platform gives GLocal Mind the ability to encrypt and store their panelist information on their own software and sever, rather than depending on third party tools thus providing added security to panelist personal information. Project managers can easily launch projects with various metrics such as automatic list inclusion or exclusion, deep targeted sampling, structured hierarchy to manage various project managers. Project progress can be closely monitored, with alerts on projects that need attention as well as various reporting options. 

The next phase involves integrating vendor management and invoicing by the end of 2015. 

About GLocal Mind Inc. 

GLocal Mind is a multi-mode healthcare data collection company supporting clients with their global quantitative and qualitative healthcare market research needs. With an in-house panel of 900,000+ healthcare and allied healthcare professionals in 70+ countries across US, Canada, EU5, APAC, Latin America and Middle East. 

Quantitative services include programming, hosting and translation, data collection, data processing, custom charting and incentive handling. Qualitative services include recruitment, scheduling, moderation, interviewing and translation. 

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