Key Opinion Leader Management

In the changing Healthcare Landscape, Key opinion leaders take on an even more critical role in both as advisors and influencers.

GLocal Mind follows a proprietary methodology for identifying and profiling international, national, local and emerging KOLs that can be customized as per client objectives and needs. Key Opinion Leaders can be physicians, academia, pricing and policy makers, institutions or advocacy groups.KOLs help in conducting clinical trials, marketing newly developed drugs, guiding policy, market entry strategy etc.

Our services our suitable for scientific, commercial, regulatory/market access and advocacy teams and include

  • KOL Identification – Adopting a three step approach (hyperlink this to the bibliometric etc.) we identify leading KOLs for a given therapeutic area and market. We have the ability to gather secondary information from various sources including Medical associations, Events (Physicians attended in Conferences, Symposiums, Seminars, and Workshops), Clinical trial registries and Major Universities across various therapy and geographical areas. In addition we can take peer nominations by way of primary research surveys to make our process more robust.

  • We then assign scores and rate the KOLs based on a wide range of parameters.
  • KOL Profiling and Data Management – We build detailed medical profiles to provide a well rounded view of the KOL. Medical Profiles will contain general information, professional information, activity and participation information..
  • KOL Influence Mapping and Analysis - We group the KOLs based on common areas of interest and activity and showcase their spheres of influence. Network maps help with understanding professional networks and connects.
  • Profile Updation – We can update existing lists and databases of KOLs periodically either the full profile or any specific parameter as required by our clients.


  • Identify Global, National, Local, Emerging KOLs (Emerging KOLs are the stars in making within their area of expertise. They are not yet well known among peers, but have started to gain attention due to their work.)
  • Ability to provide KOL information across all European, Asian and Middle East langauges
  • Team with expereience in over 50,000 profiles over the last 3 years
  • Ability to include social media influence
  • Ability to deliver in multiple formats from MS Office platform to web-based reporting