What we do

Healthcare Access

  • HCP

  • KOLs

  • Patient Access

  • Call Center for CATI and Custom Recruitment

With extensive experience conducting fieldwork globally, Glocal Mind designs solutions to suit your research objectives delivering impactful insights sourced from Physicians, Allied Healthcare professionals, Payers, Key Opinion Leaders, Patients and Caregivers.

Qualitative Fieldwork Methodologies

Glocal Mind uses a combination of research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative to conduct fieldwork using multiple modes of data collection specific to markets.

Qualitative and Quantitative Fieldwork Methodologies

Data Quality

  • Double Opt-in panel recruitment via proprietary and qualified industry sources
  • Digital fingerprinting to detect duplication
  • Custom Built software to identify fraudulent respondents

GLocal Mind is responsible for data quality checks for projects that we host. Our in-house quality managers use a variety of techniques for monitoring and eliminating fraudulent participants through active, on-going cleaning and exclusion of offenders from the panel. The team looks for straight liners, monitor participant’s length of interview vs. average survey length and include red herring questions in the survey on request.

Panellists that are unresponsive, inattentive and/or fraudulent are marked in the panel and are not invited to participate in any studies. Fraudulent panellist details are retained to prevent re-registration.