• October 15 2018

    It is interesting (and ironic) that we have been enamored by the concept that patient care should place the patient at the center of it all. This in itself is telling – our healthcare systems are so complex that oftentimes, the patient is overlooked.

    EHR/EMR systems were touted as one of the great technological innovations of the last decade. The vision was a data driven approach to achieving better health outcomes. Imagine if all patient data were digitized and stored on a platform? Imagine if patients and providers could access and share this information easily with other physicians and enable more comprehensive care and faster care?

    The US healthcare industry has spent the better part of the last decade entering patient information into Electronic Medical Records in an attempt to realize (and frankly comply with) the great vision of a fully transparent, interconnected, interoperable system of patient information, that would promote better medical outcomes. This was the CDC’s vision, as laid out with Meaningful Use guidelines.


  • May 12 2017

    Our annual day celebrates our team, our clients, our growth, our achievements and our company. It is an opportunity for new experiences, camaraderie and fun memories.

    This year we shut our offices for two working days and took a trip to Pattaya and Bangkok in Thailand. What followed is …….

  • March 05 2015

    I remember sitting by my television in NJ and watching Prime Minister Modi’s speech around the Swachh Bharath Campaign. I stay on the fringes of politics, but his election and the subsequent frenzy was catching up with me – everywhere I turned, there was Mr. Modi. Watching his speech, I was struck by the fact that he was talking grassroots – the big picture was clear for all to see, but there were these smaller, actionable, bite-size contributions that people could make towards the greater good. One of them was building toilets in schools especially for the girl child, the lack of which, was one of the reasons for a higher dropout rate in schools.

    My phone buzzed, and I saw a message from Sandeep – “Are you watching the speech? What do you think of Swachh Bharath Campaign?” “Should we do something?” How could we ignore something that had 3 things close to our hearts – children, health and education?

    Wanting to put our money where our mouth is, this looked like something we could easily take on rather than just talk about how cool the campaign was. With our team rallying behind us, we roped in Shimon from our team to identify a school and find out the cost, permissions required etc. From thought to finish it took about 12 weeks but we have never been so excited as when we saw the results.

    There were some nay-saying thoughts around “will the money be used as promised”, “can they maintain the cleanliness”, “will there be water” etc. but we decided not to over-think, but cross the hurdles as they came up.

    Some learnings…

    • act quickly if convinced of an idea
    • small, actionable ideas will contribute to a larger vision
    • even if you fail, atleast you would have tried

    Here is our work in pictures:

  • March 24 2015

    The colorful festival of Holi is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima as per hindu calendar which comes at the end of February or early March. Holi festival has an ancient history of origin and celebrates the triumph of ‘good’ over ‘bad’. There are many stories and myths around why holi is celebrated. The colorful festivals bridges the social gap and renews sweet relationships. “Happy Holi” is the typical greeting for this day.

    It is celebrated at the end of winter and marks the start of spring! What better way to welcome spring than to celebrate with color and water! The atmosphere is a little bit like the color run!

    For someone who grew up in India, Holi is one the most memorable festival that I can think of – the fun, energy and the spirit of family & friends, the colors, the noise, the music, the beats of drums, dances, games, food, and smiles all around.

    So, whether you have already experienced the ‘Festival of Color’s this year, or planning on getting very colorful soon, or are watching from the sidelines – Glocal Mind wishes you a very HAPPY HOLI!!

  • April 21 2015

    Its summer 2015 already and we definitely needed to run off the heat and have some fun. We celebrated Happy Mid Week Summer with an interesting activity “COOK WITHOUT FIRE”. There is a wide range of foods that can be made without fire or cooking. Heat destroys many of the nutrients in vegetables, for example, so if you avoid cooking you get more vitamins and minerals in your diet. Cutting down electricity/gas consumption can also be a great energy saver. Keeping these in mind the GLocal Mind Team cooked some delicious healthy salads, snacks and mouth-watering desserts.

    We saw some great teamwork and creativity resulting in a fun afternoon.

    Well so there were 4 teams who participated in this competition,

    Prepared yummy salads and snacks with a combination of sweet, sour, salt and spicy taste given to it. Also they made vegetable & Fruit salad, lotus salad, spicy chilli chat and grape cream.

    Beans and Jeans
    Prepared an Oreo Sundae, ring salad and oreo fruit sandwich.

    After Burn
    Prepared marie oreo sandwich, chips & kurkure chat and a chilled lemonade with a pinch of mint.

    Ring of Fire
    Prepared Cucumber salad, fruit cream and spicy vegetable chip sandwich.

    Finally the winning team was E-Lemon-ators. CHEERS!!!