Cook without fire!

Cook without fire!

Its summer 2015 already and we definitely needed to run off the heat and have some fun. We celebrated Happy Mid Week Summer with an interesting activity “COOK WITHOUT FIRE”. There is a wide range of foods that can be made without fire or cooking. Heat destroys many of the nutrients in vegetables, for example, so if you avoid cooking you get more vitamins and minerals in your diet. Cutting down electricity/gas consumption can also be a great energy saver. Keeping these in mind the GLocal Mind Team cooked some delicious healthy salads, snacks and mouth-watering desserts. We saw some great teamwork and creativity resulting in a fun afternoon.

Well so there were 4 teams who participated in this competition,E-Lemon-ators Prepared yummy salads and snacks with a combination of sweet, sour, salt and spicy taste given to it. Also they made vegetable & Fruit salad, lotus salad, spicy chilli chat and grape cream.Beans and Jeans prepared an oreo sundae, ring salad and oreo fruit sandwich.

After Burn Prepared marie oreo sandwich, chips & kurkure chat and a chilled lemonade with a pinch of mint.

Ring of fire prepared cucumber salad, fruit cream and spicy vegetable chip sandwich.

Finally the winning team was E-Lemon-ators. CHEERS!!!